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Follow All rules.
•Rudeness is not tolerated.
No being rude to fellow members or staff members.

•Multiple accounts are not allowed.
If i find out you have more then one account then you will be Banned,

•No scamming.
Do not try to trade outside of the trading area.

•Do not post any personal information,
If you are under 13 years of age do not post your age.
do not post your number, Address, City, Parents names, Last names or Middle names.

•Only use permitted fonts.
Red and Blue may only be used by Staff. Other shades of blue and red may be used.

•Sharing of passwords is not allowed,
For Anysite.

•Do not go on other members accounts.
or yours and there account will be banned.

•Claiming others' work as your own is not tolerated.
You must have permission from the owner of the work to use it, and you may not claim it as your own.

•No bashing/insulting of other sites.

•Do not copy other users.

•Do not ask for Reputation or points.

•Spam is not tolerated,
Spam stands for stupid, pointless, annoying messages.

•ALL links must be approved by a staff member

•No political talk is allowed,
Political avatars/signatures are also not allowed.

•Do not ask to be staff i chooose who will be staff and it is not easy to become a staff member! (:

•No advertising allowed,
on the forum, in VMs, or PMs. Advertising in siggies and on your own page is fine.

•Listen to and obey staff at all times.
The staff is here to help you, and they know what is best. If you disobey staff, you will be infracted accordingly.

•Report all posts that break these rules

•Follow all specific forum section rules.
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